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Findlay administrators and city Auditor Jim Staschiak are quarreling again, this time over emails.

City administrators obtained certain auditor’s office emails directly from the city’s computer personnel, without consulting Staschiak. That prompted the auditor, an elected official, to call for a public records policy review.

Obtaining information that way “scared the hell out of me,” Staschiak told an informal “ad hoc” meeting of council members that he requested last week. Staschiak said some auditor’s office records contain information that by law must be kept confidential, such as health care specifics and Social Security numbers.

The administration recently collected certain emails from Staschiak’s and Deputy Auditor Ginger Sampson’s accounts.

Law Director Don Rasmussen asked Mayor Lydia Mihalik to enlist the Computer Services Department’s help in obtaining copies of emails between Staschiak, Sampson, and Paul Rutter of Columbus-based Bricker and Eckler, a law firm that serves as the city’s bond counsel.

Mihalik and Rasmussen said the action was administrative, and was done because city auditors have been gathering information on various bond-related matters from a different Bricker and Eckler lawyer than the attorney Rasmussen communicates with.

The information provided by those two lawyers has sometimes conflicted, Rasmussen said, and cost the city additional money.

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