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Some observers looking to analyze data on engagement have concluded that newspaper digital content is less engaging than content offered up by other news sources.

A closer look at the data, in terms of the average time spent per visit, suggests these observers are wrong.

The digital world, with its distinctive capacity for tracking activity, delivers up a variety of indicators for online publishers to measure progress. Unique visitors, visits, page views, time, reach, composition and clicks are a few of the usual topline metrics. The mobile component adds others, such as taps and swipes.

Publishers can also examine elements such as video completion rates and also ponder the meaning of follows and likes in social media. You can learn more about this in Sliding Down the Rabbit Hole: Advertising, Engagement and Digital Platforms.

At times, it seems there is no end to the overabundance of numbers, too many gauges track, to make sense of what is important. While data geeks and digerati thrive in this atmosphere, others are left to their own devices to wrestle statistics to the floor.

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