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For 148 years, the Sentinel-Tribune has been telling readers about our community and connecting businesses with customers. And we’re not about to stop.

However, like newspapers across the nation, we have to make some changes in how we do business.
As other newspapers were cutting staff and decreasing print days over the last several years, the Sentinel-Tribune tried to maintain its print edition while expanding to its website. On the outside, we fared better than most since we are owned by a family, rather than a group of papers.

For the past four generations, the Haswell family of Bowling Green has made an emotional and financial commitment to the newspaper.

While being a family-owned paper is a rarity envied by many employed at group-owned newspapers, it also meant that when times got tough, we faced greater challenges since we had no way to pool resources.

We have reached a point where cuts are no longer avoidable.

Last week, four long-time employees accepted early retirement packages. This week, five full-time and nine part-time employees of the pressroom and mailroom were informed their positions will be eliminated.

Starting May 19, our paper will be printed by the Findlay Courier, another family-owned newspaper. We will join several other individually-owned newspapers already being printed at that site. We are far from alone in having to shut down our presses. Newspapers such as the Marion Star and others will be outsourcing to the Columbus Dispatch by the end of May. The Columbus Dispatch has printed the Cincinnati Enquirer since 2013.

Readers of the Sentinel-Tribune have probably already noticed other cost-saving measures, such as fewer pages being printed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

These decisions did not come easily. However, in order to continue serving our readers for years to come, six days a week, we have to take these steps.

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