The Public Insight Data website.

The Public Insight Data website.

The Ohio Newspaper Association has entered into a partnership with Public Insight Corp. to offer its flagship public analytic service,,  to ONA members at substantial discounts. Public Insight transforms public data to facilitate easy analysis and comparison of hundreds of national and state datasets, meaning ONA members can easily do research for news articles and advertising clients.

ONA members who subscribe before July 31 will receive a 50 percent discount on the data analysis service. After that members receive a 15 percent discount.

ONA executive director Dennis Hetzel said the partnership agreement followed demonstrations in which ONA members gave the service rave reviews as a potentially valuable tool.  An example of how the site might be used would be to compare test scores among elementary school students between similar school districts across different years. Or, unrelated sets of data can be linked. For example, census information on poverty could be analyzed against government spending that reaches to the township, county and school district levels in Ohio.

“While all this data is ‘out there,’ that doesn’t mean it’s easy to use.  Public Insight has made major strides in pulling together information in a meaningful, usable way,” Hetzel said.  ”Reporters can quickly drill down to the township, school district and census tract level. It will be an awesome tool for everyday fact-checking as well as major enterprise.  All the data sources are credible and clearly identified. We also think that our advertising and marketing directors can make great use of this data to better serve their customers.”

For more information on the ONA/Public Insight Data partnership agreement, download this press release. To learn more about using this tool for news and advertising data analysis, download this FAQ.

Discount Code

To take advantage of the discounted member rate, email the ONA’s Jason Sanford at for the discount code.

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