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Several tipsheets were released at last week’s Investigative Reporters & Editors conference. Here’s New York Times reporter Matt Apuzzo’s, posted with his permission:

Investigating Powerful Institutions: Inside and Out
(An outsider’s perspective)

Matt Apuzzo
The New York Times

Read: Read everything that’s been written. Do a Nexis search for your organization, going back at least five years. If you’re looking into a large organization – Pfizer, the CIA, General Electric – narrow your search with keywords: Pfizer and sales representatives. CIA and Russia. General Electric and medical devices. Select every story that is even remotely relevant. Sort chronologically. Save it to a PDF. Put it in on all your devices and read it whenever you have a moment – on the subway, before bed, while you’re on hold, while you’re having coffee. As you read, write down all the names you come across. This is the public history of your organization.

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