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Editor alert: Help us fight closing of some accident reports

Journalists understand immediately why a bill to ban access to the names of minors on police reports of school bus accidents is a bad idea.


Behind enemy lines: Meet The Enquirer's storytelling coach

I became a journalist because I believe in what we do and I have worked in the business for almost 38 years. The papers I have worked for have been dubbed, in turn, liberal, conservative, libertarian, too powerful and too weak, arrogant or insipid. In any case, no one ever, in all those years, told me that the story I was to write was to follow some political dictum or slant. And I had some pretty opinionated bosses.


Enquirer names new business, opinion editors

Cindi Andrews will lead the business team as business editor, and Associate Opinion Editor Kevin Aldridge has been promoted to replace Andrews as opinion editor.


Arresting journalism

“It’s important for a journalist to carry credentials when in the field and to identify himself or herself clearly as a journalist when interacting with law-enforcement officers,” he said. “It’s also important to carry a government-issued photo ID, which can be used to speed up release if the journalist is detained or arrested. And if arrested, the journalist should ask to speak to his or her lawyer and demand that all questioning stop until the lawyer is present.”


Doug Oplinger, Beacon Journal’s managing editor, retires after 46 years in journalism

Doug Oplinger, the Beacon Journal’s managing editor, retired Friday after 46 years in journalism.


Tronc's adoption of Washington Post's Arc platform doubly important

Today, despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars on publishing technology, many publishers' news tech looks like a digital tower, or stack, of Babel.


NMA: Quality is on our industry’s side

Quality and accuracy are themes for our industry in an environment of “fake” news. Our audience puts trust in what we produce in print and online.


Trust us, your news consumers really want to talk to you about trust

The 30 official newsroom partners in the Trusting News interview project have begun reaching out to their audiences, and the results have exceeded my expectations.


Sunshine Week 2017: Do more than absorb the rays

We’re doing something special for Sunshine Week this year. Our free webinar will last less than 90 minutes, and we urge not only Ohio journalists but also citizens from your areas to take part.


George Rodrigue on introducing the enemies of the American people

"Know your enemy" is a bit of wisdom that dates back to the 5th century B.C. President Trump has tweeted that journalists are "the enemy of the American People!" So, how can the American people better know their enemies?

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