The President’s Award

The President’s Award was established to recognize a member, past or present, active or retired, for outstanding contributions to the circulation profession. The award is not presented annually, only when there is a deserving recipient.

Past Winners

  • 1983: William B. Aylward*, Akron Beacon Journal
  • 1984: Norman C. Rathke*, Toledo Blade
  • 1985: Robert Ruck*, The Plain Dealer
  • 1986: Terry L. DeVassie*, Columbus Dispatch
  • 1987: Walter T. Santel*, Cincinnati Enquirer
  • 1988: Fred Weber*, Athens Messenger; Fred Weber II*, Athens Messenger
  • 1989: Thomas B. Sherrill, Columbus Dispatch
  • 1990: A. Robert Oehler*, Cincinnati Enquirer
  • 1992: John Cain*, Findlay Courier
  • 1993: L. Michael Zinser, Zinser & Patterson
  • 1997: Harry J. Clarke, Harry J. Clarke, ISA
  • 1999: Bill Bockwich*, The Plain Dealer
  • 2000: Kurt P. Kah, Findlay Publishing Co.
  • 2002: Herb Baur*, Columbus Dispatch
  • 2006: Michael Gorsich*, The Times Reporter
  • 2007: Brian Barker*, The Plain Dealer
  • 2008: Frank Deaner, Ohio Newspaper Association
  • 2009: Dick Fuller*, Toledo Blade
  • 2013: Kim Wilhelm*, The Courier

*Past President of the former Ohio circulation Managers Association

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