Newspaper Staff Training

Each year the Newspaper Staff Training Calendar offers ONA members continuing education opportunities. These are professional training sessions taught by experienced instructors and prominent industry experts.

Most of the sessions are offered as 1-hour webinars through the “Online Media Campus” in partnership with the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and the Iowa Newspaper Foundation.

In addition, please note that ONA members receive a discount for all Local Media Association events and webinars (which is the “Media Association Partners” rate). For more information on this, please go here.

2014 Calendar

October 20
How to Develop an Exciting & Compelling LinkedIn Profile & Why It Matters to Your Business
Local Media Association webinar

October 27
LinkedIn for Journalists
FREE Local Media Association webinar

October 29
Covering Juvenile Courts in Ohio with Jack Greiner
Exclusive ONA webinar

October 31
How to Use the LinkedIn Publisher Tool to Become a ‘Thought-Leader’ in Your Community
FREE Local Media Association webinar

November 710 Ways to Build Reader Engagement: Easily integrate new technologies into your workflow
Online Media Campus webinar

November 12
Tips and Updates on Ohio Sunshine Laws with Dave Marburger
Exclusive ONA webinar

November 13 & 14
Google AdWords training in Chicago
Local Media Association training
Thanks to a special deal between the ONA and LMA, all ONA members can register for this training at the reduced “Media Association Partners” rate.

November 18
Kiplinger Digital Media Summit 2014 in Columbus
Reboot your digital skills in this full-day workshop, with an optional hands-on lab on the second day. Leading industry experts will converge on Columbus to share their tips, tools and tactics. Topics include must-have apps and programs for journalists, blogging, data analytics, crowdsourcing, verifying breaking news, data visualization, video editing, hands-on gadget play, and using social.

December 4
User-Generated Content: More Readers, More Revenue
Online Media Campus webinar

December 11
Pay Day: Top 5 Sales Strategies to Create More Revenue
Online Media Campus webinar