FREE WEBINAR from ONA on new Ohio-based data tool for news and marketing

  • We think this will be a very valuable hour for you
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To: ONA Publishers, General Managers, Editors and Ad Directors
From: Dennis Hetzel

Publicly available data is used in the media every day as a basis for analysis and story development. Extensive data exists in the public domain in many areas including education, health, labor, and community demographics, but is isolated, fragmented, and difficult to analyze. Much of this data remains largely untapped because it is buried in complex and in some cases unknown public data sites.  Datasets are typically limited in scope and context to a single data type and year.

360-Public is an Ohio company that has developed a web platform that transforms public data into valuable insight for benchmarking, analysis, research, and education. 360-Public integrates and interconnects disparate public data while providing extensive customization and visualization tools.  360-Public subscriptions provide users with advanced analysis and applications, while basic community data analysis is provided to the general public free of charge.

Dan Quigg, CEO of Public Insight (developers of 360-Public) will be offering two free webinars to ONA members. He’ll provide an overview of how 360-Public works and demonstrate how newspapers can make use of the platform.

Public Insight and the Ohio Newspaper Association are in the early stages of discussing whether ONA members could gain access to Public Insight’s enhanced tools at discounted rates.  This might be a very valuable service, not just for Ohio newsrooms but also for market research.  Your follow-up input on whether a partnership makes sense will help us make that decision.

If nothing else, you will learn more about how to quickly find and compare different data sets to do better journalism or make better marketing presentations.

Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 9 a.m.
Friday, Feb. 28, at 9 a.m.

Email Jason Sanford at for the login information.


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