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Alan Miller: Dispatch goes audio with Alexa, podcasts

By Alan Miller, editor, The Columbus Dispatch

“Alexa, give me the news.”

If you are among the millions of people using voice-operated devices, you’ll find The Dispatch on at least one of them.

Alexa is the one, and she is a voice assistant from Amazon. So is Siri, found on iPhones. Cortana is the Windows version. And with Google, it’s simply “Hey, Google ...” followed by a request for assistance.

When Amazon gave news providers the opportunity to deliver local news on its devices, we signed up.

This follows a decades-old Dispatch philosophy that we want to deliver news to you in whatever form you want to receive it — on paper, online, on your phone or tablet, or via the silver tones of Alexa through such devices as the Echo or Echo Dot.

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