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Save the Date for the 2015 Ohio Circulation Conference

When: September 27-28, 2015

Where: DoubleTree Hotel
                   175 Hutchinson Ave
                   Columbus, OH


The functions of the Ohio Circulation Managers Association are now under the umbrella of the Ohio Newspaper Association. In June 2013, the ONA’s board of trustees voted unanimously on a resolution to accept the remaining assets of the Ohio Circulation Managers Association, which was disbanding.

The resolution stated the ONA’s intent to continue key activities of the OCMA, particularly its successful annual fall conference. A new ONA committee, the ONA Circulation Managers Committee, includes members of the most recent OCMA board.


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To learn more about the activities of the ONA Circulation Managers Committee, contact Committee Chair Kim Wilhelm, Findlay Courier, kimwilhelm@thecourier.com, 419-819-7646.

To provide information for the Circulation portion of OhioNews.org or to submit circulation-related items for the Bulletin newsletter, contact ONA Circulation Managers Committee Website Chair Rob Jenney, Findlay Courier, 419-427-8499 or 419-722-6337, robjenney@thecourier.com.


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